My inner conflict

Hello, I hope everyone’s doing well. it’s been a minute since my last post and this is why I’m writing this one.
I wanted to explain why I didn’t feel like writing about anything in a while.

Felt like it’s a good fit for this post.

What is going on?

A lot. For the past few months, I’ve been going through some rough inner conflict. I keep telling myself “You can’t blog about online shopping and other random stuff while the world around you is literally in shambles!!!”

But, what if I share my actual opinions and my ideas about the MENA region? Would that lead to losing my freedom? Or face consequences I’m not ready for?

It scares me when I think about it, how could I pretend to be someone else on this blog? Although I’ve tried to talk about things that matter to me like prison labor and mink cruelty. But they are the tip of the iceberg of my political and social views.

And I will admit it. I am scared And no one can blame me! A quick google search would show you how we live in a scary time with a lot of horrifying stories going around us.

When I am planning on blogging regularly?

So far, I honestly don’t know. I am waiting for these voices inside my head to calm down and let me be. I’d like to stay alive but also speak my mind.

And until I find a way to do both without losing my sanity or my head, I won’t be posting on my blog.

In the end:

I’m very thankful for my small support group of friends and family. And if you’re going through something similar I hope you find peace and the support you deserve.

Share your thoughts with me under this post or on my twitter account, thank you.

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