About Me

Hello, beautiful human being! I hope you’re having an amazing day just like you 💖

We can all agree -well, some of us- that (About Me / Bio) pages can make us very awkward and self-conscious… How do I talk about myself without creating a new fictional character that I hope to be one day?? How do I stay honest but not so boring?

ANYWAYS, here’s me trying to be honest and hopefully not boring.

I’m Nour, 21 years old, Middle Eastern and working on “enjoying life to the max” until something else crease to the scene *with few side hustle to survive life*

They say about Aquariuses (sign of freedom, weirdos, and rebels without a cause) hopefully I’m all of these except the last part. 

I love to talk about things that are considered “Taboo subjects” in our Middle Eastern society -not everything though! I’d like to stay alive lol- but I do love talking about Human Rights and fighting for Equality outside of my blog ✊🏼

My blog is a lifestyle blog, so you’ll find blog posts about (Online Shopping experiences, Societies, Cultures, Reviews of tv shows, movies, books and some makeup). Other things that I like but don’t blog about are: Politics and Mythology.

In my free time, I do translate content on Youtube or any other platform to Arabic because I believe we deserve a high quality and helpful content.

Direct Messages are always open for anyone who needs a friend, we can talk about anything and everything 💛 Twitter | Instagram

Please always be kind to everyone,